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New product brochure. Plug Valves - Gate Valves - Check Valves. (11/07/2023)

Matco-Norca - New Product Brochure - Resilient Seated Valves


New Water Service Fittings (10/24/2023)

Our new water service fittings, made of lead-free bronze, are certified to meet NSF/ANSI standards by IAPMO. They come in various configurations, including couplings, elbows, and adapters, catering to different plumbing needs, ensuring safe and efficient water distribution. Click the following to learn more! Water Service Fittings (


First ball valve manufacturer to certify products under ISO 19880 – ‘Gaseous hydrogen - Fueling stations’. (10/02/2023)

Habonim was the first ball valve manufacturer to certify products under ISO 19880 – ‘Gaseous hydrogen - Fueling stations’, first to certify ball valves for Hydrogen transportation under ISO 23826:2021 based TPED and now – Habonim is the first valve manufacturer to certify products for TPE  – making the valves eligible for Hydrogen transportation in the UK! Click to learn more!  'Ahead of the pack' - Habonim valves are certified under UK’s TPE certification


CIPHEX West 2023 (09/27/2023)

Cascade Flow Control Solutions will be at CIPHEX West, Western Canada’s plumbing, hydronics, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration & water treatment trade show on October 18th & 19th 2023! Come stop by our booth (#826) at the BMO Centre in Calgary, AB to learn more about our products! 


New Pro-Connect Press® XLC Fittings (09/22/2023)

This line features a full selection of large-diameter press adapters, couplings, tees, elbows, flanges and caps - all compatible with XLC jaws widely in use today. They're available in sizes 2 1/2" through 4", with a complete assortment of reducing options and threaded or copper street transition ends. Click to learn more! Press XLC Fittings | Pro-Connect Press | NIBCO  


140EF UL Epoxy Coated Y Strainers (9/14/2023)

Matco-Norca's New Product Team is pleased to announce the arrival of our UL Listed epoxy coated Y Strainer.  These strainers have a recessed body seat that assures accurate screen alignment and are available in sizes 2-1/2" to 12". Click to learn more! 140EF UL Epoxy Coated Cast Iron Y Strainer (


NEW Water Heater Solutions (9/1/2023)

Announcing enhancements to the Webstone® line of water heater solutions, a series of valves designed to simplify the installation of storage tank water heaters.

New Water Heater Solutions | News & Events | NIBCO


130W Series Plug Valves (7/13/2023)

Our new Eccentric Plug Valves are in stock and ready for purchase! Eccentric Plug Valves can be horizontally and vertically installed with Matco-Norca's 120WC Check Valves. Click to learn more! Matco-Norca - New Eccentric Plug Valves 


ISO 23826:2021 (6/20/2023)

The new ISO 23826 evaluates ball valve performance in terms of safety, constructing materials, testing and marking. Click to learn more! Hydrogen Ball Valve Specifications | Habonim


New T-Valve Products (6/1/2023)

The Pro-Pal® T-Valve™ line now includes 17 new lead-free dezincification-resistant brass models. Click to learn more! New T-Valve Products | News & Events | NIBCO



New Flexible Rubber Fittings (5/31/2023)

New to our inventory are flexible rubber tees and elbows in sizes 1-1/2" - 4" with stainless steel bands that are corrosion resistant and rustproof. Click to learn more! Flexible Rubber Fittings (


NEW E-Tank Service Assembly (5/1/2023)

The new Pro-Pal® E-Tank Service Assembly is a patent-pending solution that simplifies the installation and service of any hydronic expansion tank. Click to learn more! New E-Tank Service Assembly | News & Events | NIBCO


NEW Boiler Vent Valve (4/3/2023)

The new patent-pending Boiler Vent Valve is a space-saving valve that expands the utility of a boiler’s existing ¾” pressure relief valve (PRV) port, capitalizing on its location at the top of the unit as the ideal placement for an air vent and other accessories. New Boiler Vent Valve | News & Events | NIBCO


NEW Hydraulic Separator (3/1/2023)

New Hydraulic Separator ensures ongoing system performance and efficiency. The Hydraulic Separator combines multiple components to balance flow between primary and secondary piping, protect your system from debris, and eliminate accumulated trapped air. New Hydraulic Separator | News & Events | NIBCO


NEW Pro-Pal Multi-Port Transition Tees (1/2/2023)

New Pro-Pal® Multi-Port Transition Tees. The Multi-Port is a compact alternative to installing gangs of tees. New Pro-Pal® Multi-Port | News & Events | NIBCO


NEW Pro-Pal Add-A-Drain (10/31/2022)

The new Pro-Pal® Add-A-Drain™ is a step-saving lead-free dezincification brass valve that makes it easy to install a capped hose connection to an appliance or the end of any line. New Pro-Pal® Add-A-Drain™ | News & Events | NIBCO